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Feb 15 2012
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My title is not meant to imply that the weekly mags are doing too much on Whitney—on the contrary, it's a shocker that Life & Style (February 27, 2012) went with only an inset and I assume OK! (February 27, 2012), with no Whitney coverage, must get printed a day earlier than the others. I mean it more as: Look at all this death! But when you're one of music's biggest stars, you get profiled by the magazines forever—and beyond.

This reminds me of a negative People cover story that irked Whitney. She was quoted later as saying, "Who gave them permission to put my photo on their cover?" This was a long time ago, when she didn't seem to understand stars can not control the press. At least, not always.

P.S. People (February 27, 2012) has the stand-out cover, but Star (February 27, 2012) was the smart mag that landed the story of the last makeup artist to work on Whitney—he has great iPhone pictures from 24 hours before her death showing her happily getting her face done up and then posing beside him.




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