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Mar 31 2012
Let 'im Rip Comments (3)

Nathan Adrian bent over to dive into a hard-fought race, only to have his Speedo split right up the crack of his ass. He went on to win anyway, and once photos of him from behind bob to the surface, we'll all win!


Out-Standing: Justin Utley & Left On Red At The Triad Comments (0)

Had my second chance to see out singer/songwriter Justin Utley in the flesh and decided I shouldn't miss it, so I spent my Friday night at the Triad here in NYC. I arrived on SafariScreenSnapz001time but it wasn't open, so I went and blew $20 on Mega Millions. I almost never buy lottery tickets because my sweet grandma used to buy them obsessively (I remember finding thousands rubber-banded together in a cellar dresser after my grandfather died) and rarely won, but everyone was doing it so I caved. And, of course, lost.

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Bedroom Thighs Comments (1)

Via Sticky (Work Unfriendly): Maxime Dereymez has "come hither" down to a science.

Need To Go Basis Comments (4)

Web-endoftherainbow1318rMichael Cumpsty & Tracie Bennett

Some shows I have yet to see but need to or soon will include End of the Rainbow (above, with thanks to Charles for the tip), about Judy Garland's finale on earth, Carrie: The Musical (below), which I'm seeing tonight...

120323_MCC_Carrie-HomepageMolly Ranson

...the revival of Evita (below), for which I have tickets this week, the night before its official opening...

PreviewScreenSnapz001Elena Roger

...Gore Vidal's The Best Man (below), partly because I like Vidal and partly because I've been trying to see Angela Lansbury in most everything she does (Deuce, Blithe Spirit) considering she can't be doing this much longer...

SafariScreenSnapz001James Earl Jones, John Larroquette, Candice Bergen, Eric McCormack, Angela Lansbury

...and, of course, Venus in Fur (below), which my cub reporter Jason saw and loved:

JP-VENUS-articleLargeNina Arianda & Hugh Dancy

What else do I need to see?

Ad Men Comments (0)


Guydar X 5 Comments (2)

Sexy fireman

Sexy loner

More after the jump...

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Mar 30 2012
Killing Joke Comments (1)

A brilliant imagining of what classic horror figures might be doing today by Federico Chiesa.

Fertile Imagination Comments (8)

Michelle Duggar

Michelle Duggar is insane—I would hope most people realize that on the face of it. But her new interview, in which she laughs off overpopulation, has the tone of a Manson Family member:

"Well, first off, the idea of overpopulation is not accurate because, really, the entire population of the world—if they were should shoulder-to-shoulder—they could fit in the city limits of Jacksonville [Florida]."

Just because the entire population of the world can fit, shoulder to shoulder, in one city—or in your womb, Michelle—doesn't mean that would be a liveable condition. Most scientists suggest we are several times over the number of people in the world that is sustainable for the planet. It's only a matter of time before sensible people are proven right. Unfortunately, "you're killing the planet" is a hell of a rough argument to have to win.

The last thing this world needs is an endless supply of Dug-rats.

Video next...

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