A Chris Before Dying Guydar: The Eyes Have It 

Mar 11 2012
Last Night, I Could See Sarah Palin From My Couch Comments (8)



I thought Julianne Moore and Woody Harrelson were good and great in Game Change, but I resented how the film portrayed Palin and McCain. Palin came off as manic-depressive but frighteningly motivated, yet the film still conveyed a sense that she just wanted to do right by her God, her country and John McCain when I think in reality she has been exposed to be thoroughly insincere and morbidly ambitious. Plenty of people in Alaska can testify that she and her husband ran their lives like mob figures, not like humble middle-classers thrust into the public arena. I'm not sure Moore, as good as she was in parts, ever really shed her innate intelligence and sensitivity, two traits Palin lacks.

McCain (Ed Harris) was shown to be quite busy with his own fate and therefore inattentive to the growing debacle that was his team's choice of Sarah Palin. Not exactly positive, but in reality, he became a cranky, out-of-control, career-obsessed dingbat himself, whereas Harris portrays him as some kind of moderate with a lot of dignity.

I could have lived without re-living this story, I guess.

Nice touch: Miley Cyrus's ex-boyfriend, real-life conservative Justin Gaston as Levi Johnston.

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