Starry-Eyed: Colton Ford The Daring Young Man 

Mar 26 2012
The Closest Thing To Perfect That I've Ever Seen? Comments (11)


Star's special The Best, Worst & Most Shocking Plastic Surgery special says the above guy is the perfect man—a combination of Hollywood's best attributes. To see who makes up his features (and to see his female counterpart), keep reading...

Okay, Mr. Perfect has John Stamos's hair, Daniel Craig's eyes, Leonardo DiCaprio's nose, George Clooney's cheeks, Christian Bale's jaw and chin and Matt Damon's (crooked) lips. I don't think he's even cute.

Ms. Perfect:


This rather hideous creature has Katherine Heigl's nose, Hilary Duff's eyes, Jessica Simpson's (greasy) hair, Keira Knightley's (sunken) cheeks, Carrie Underwood's jaw and chin and Angelina Jolie's lips.



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