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Apr 27 2012
Half-Marathon Man Comments (2)


Michigan should probably be grateful it has at least one non-obese citizen (I'm from there—I can say it!), but instead there's a big brouhaha brewing over the fact that Wayne County Circuit Judge Wade McCree sent a shirtless self-pic to some co-workers.

Well, probably it was not a good idea to send this to government employees he works with, and his excuse—that he sent it with "no ill will" to people who are impressed with his physique after he ran a half-marathon—is about as credible as a plea of  "I'm innocent!" on Death Row. I mean, that is a hook-up photo.

Screen shot 2012-04-27 at 8.55.42 AMThe judge's pal Bernie Pavone claims they have a "who's fitter?" thing going between them. I'd like to be the judge of that.

But anyway, I hope he'll weather the storm because it's hardly the end of the world and I hate that this came to light only because a jealous hubby found it on his wife's cell. Why not just confront your wife and the judge privately? Did he have to make a federal case of it?




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