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Apr 10 2012
Reloaded, Front-Loaded Comments (9)

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Nicki-minaj-roman-reloaded-deluxe-2012-03-09-300x300Nicki Minaj is someone I...really don't get. I want to get her, but I don't. I will say that my impression of her has a Lady Gaga clone (clown?) is only based on her fashion sense as none of her songs has sounded much like Gaga (right?), least of all "Beez in the Trap." With an impressive 6.5 million views in a few days, the video ballsily starts out with, "Bitches say shit and they ain't say nothin'" before...well...she says shit and says nothing:

But I wouldn't go this far—this is the top comment on the video at the moment:

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Lovely. Nicki's Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded is out now and looks like it will be #1 on Billboard next week with over 220,000 or so sold. I wonder how many copies are due to the presence of this little number all over NYC:

Since we're on a chart beat, Madonna's MDNA is definitely taking a beating on the charts in its second week after a front-loaded bow at #1. It's set to plummet 85% or more. Of course, Roger Friedman spins this as meaning fans should apologize to Lionel Richie (how un-Forbes-like), ignoring the fact that if Madonna hadn't had a ticket bundle that helped move copies she would have still sold a large % of those copies, and probably would have done more promotion. She was #1—fair and square. But this week, she'll be # whatever fair and square, too; her manager, Guy Oseary, is fielding an awful lot of angry tweets from fans about her lack of promotion.

"You're thinking traditionally. Talk to me in a year," he says. Well, in a year, barring a miraculous radio hit in the form of something like "Turn Up the Radio," Madonna will likely have the most successful solo tour ever (again) and have made lots of money from selling perfume (she has no time to promote the album due to tour rehearsals, but does have an evening to spend promoting the fragrance?), but her album will have sold a grand total of 500,000? 600,000? Not a disaster, but not nearly the big success people thought she had in store after her Super Bowl shuffle and a long wait between albums.

It seems that Madonna, Inc., does not care about the album's fortunes, and I guess that means we traditionalists shouldn't either. Many Madonna fans love MDNA—many more than loved Hard Candy—and it's gotten generally, if not universally, positive reviews. I guess I think if you do an album of which you're proud, you want it to get out there and succeed on every level. In the mind of Madonna, Inc., perhaps performing most of it live to an audience of millions beats selling it, disc by disc, to a similar number.

And ultimately, if you're a fan of MDNA, as much of a chartaholic as I once was (copying down the Top 40 from Casey Kasem's show...oh, boy! productive!), the success is in receiving new music I actually enjoy from an artist I've liked for almost 30 years, and not having it be re-recordings of her old hits or cover versions of other peoples'.



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