Back For Good Colors Of The Wind 

May 25 2012
First MDNA Pictures: SPOILERS Comments (19)


With thanks to Cait: Don't keep reading if you don't wanna be spoiled—quite a few fantastic pictures of Madonna's dark-as-hell-looking MDNA Tour. From this taste, it looks to have more in common with Drowned World than her more recent outings. Looks amazing to me—modern and edgy. Love the dancers...


There was a clown in The Girlie Show, but these clowns look like they mean business. The gas masks from Drowned World are back, but the tableau looks decidedly more convincingly menacing, otherworldly even. A Clockwork Orange doesn't seem explicitly referenced, but this looks like a world where ultraviolence reigns. I'm most intrigued by the iconic-looking altar scene and the highly unusual (for a Madonna tour) bedroom set. The latter looks very much like a scene from a play (intentionally)—Madonna's passion play.

I can't believe it's less than a week until we're flooded with photos and videos, yet I won't see it until August! She's never disappointed me on tour. I remember negative reviews in the UK for Girlie and then it became one of my favorite shows. Some wanted more oldies out of Drowned World, yet her musicality was on full display there. Probably my least favorite tour was Re-Invention, which felt kinda like a hits tour. Even the maligned Sticky & Sweet, while repetitive of her previous outings, was superbly staged and featured a wildly engaged Madonna.

MDNA Tour looks like she spent a lot of time (that, yes, she could have been spending promoting her album) on concepts. These shots don't suggest it will come off as rushed. We'll see (and hear!) soon enough.



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