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May 31 2012
Lie Down With Old Dogs Comments (0)

Greg Louganis
Greg Louganis is joining Old Dogs & New Tricks. I remember when that old dog was a new trick. He's still the cutest thing on hind legs.

Jew Must Love Me: MDNA Hits Israel Comments (13)

Madonna's MDNA Tour has hit Tel Aviv—and it looks fantastic. As does Madonna, beautiful in some outfits that harken to classic Madonna looks (above, you get "Express Yourself" meets Blond Ambition, below, you get her fave strappy bra mixed with Girlie Show):

DelvinCourtesy of Delvin

Reports are streaming in from fans saying it's an amazingly complex and perfectly executed tour. Madonna is said to be comfortable and in good voice (first section sounding vocoderriffic, though). I simply can't wait.

Anyone with photos or videos to share, I'm open...and ready...!

Theory Of Evolution Comments (0)

The premiere episode of the podcast Really Super Show features a remarkable interview with a 20-year-old straight college student for whom marriage equality is a BFD.

"Oh, really? It's worth THAT much?" Comments (0)

Via Sticky (Work Unfriendly): Marcos Pitombo as seen by Greg Vaughan. The waist looks like a polished copper art piece that would pop up on Antiques Roadshow. Sigh.

Guydar Comments (0)


May 30 2012
And I Can't Get Enough Comments (12)

Madonna's tour program for MDNA has the best cover ever. Dietrich Madonna is back!

A Good Attitude Comments (1)

Gareth Thomas is looking good, like a bad boy should, and totally naked on the cover of Attitude. Now can someone please, please tell him he needs to get over the idea of heinous Mickey Rourke playing him in a movie? Granted, Mickey Rourke used to look like this:


...but Mickey Rourke now looks more like this:


Treated Like Shih Tzu Comments (2)


I can't imagine being forced to choose between my dog and my home, but I would choose my dog. Well, at least the girl. The boy is on his own. (Kidding.) Let's hope this poor guy doesn't react how this other poor guy did when asked to make that decision.

I'm not sure why buildings would be so resolute about not allowing dogs. I would think it would be better to have policies against aggressive animals and careless owners than to ban them outright.


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