Playin' My Favorite Schlong Guydar 

May 03 2012
Outrageous Fortune Comments (2)

If Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are outraged by an upcoming tell-all book about Tom written by his former Scientology auditor, that's enough to make me want to purchase it. As seen in National Enquirer (May 14, 2012):

"Marty Rathbun, who mentored Tom as a high-ranking Scientologist, claims the 49-year-old actor bared his soul to him while he was divorcing second wife Nicole Kidman and was waging a nasty legal battle against a gay porn actor who falsely claimed Cruise had a sexual affair with him...

"'In auditing, you tell the auditor everything about yourself,' Margery Wakefield, who's written the book Testimony about her Scientology experience, told The Enquirer."

Sounds like a great read for my subway commutes.



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