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May 28 2012
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BOY CULTURE REVIEW: *** out of ****

I'm working on a memoir, so I thought I'd give Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny "The Bloggess" Lawson a try and wasn't sure what I'd gotten myself into at first. The housewife/mom/blogger/taxidermy fan suffers from a variety of unfun maladies (OCD, rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety disorder, depression), yet manages to frame them all in ways that are fun to read about. Still, for the longest time while I read this, I felt increasingly anxious myself; her breathless tone and relentless pursuit of the laugh were almost overwhelming.

Then I warmed up to it and kinda loved it. She's just plain hilarious, and the episodic structure (it reads like a bunch of harvested blog posts) really suits her personality. (Personalities?) By the time I was reading her take on acupuncture, I was laughing myself to tears. I'd grown fonder of her Republican husband, ill-fated pooch, bewilderingly bizarre parents and of Jenny herself—the humor was far more affecting once I felt more attached to the subject and to the people to whom she feels most attached.

I'd recommend you read this. Like totally. I'm not kidding. Read it or I'll stab you with a chicken.



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