Queen Of Spies Queen Latifah Comes Out... 

May 02 2012
The Homosexual Gourmand Comments (3)

Hot William Levy TV Notas
Above, William Levy simultaneously flaunts bulges in the back and the front. Bravo. As seen in TV Notas (Abril 3, 2012). Below, TV y Novelas (Mayo 2012) has this scorching-hot Juan Pablo Llano shirtless shot:

Juan Pablo Llano TV y Novelas shirtless
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The same issue has a great shirtless shot of Carlos Ponce, too:

Carlos Ponce TV y Novelas shirtless
Have always had a soft spot for Penn Badgley, as seen in Life & Style (May 7, 2012):

Penn Badgley Life Style
Everybody has a soft spot for Channing Tatum, as seen in Entertainment Weekly (April 20—27, 2012):

*hot Channing Tatum  EW




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