Hands On Blood Flows 

May 21 2012
When You're Hot Comments (0)

Out (June/July 2012) is foisting its "Hot List" on us, including a slew of hot faces, bodies and (see above) packages. Amongst my faves are Matthew Terry, Hudson Joshhenderson4Taylor, Harry Lloyd, Ian Harding and Josh Henderson. Henderson (who used to treat his MySpace followers with half-naked photos, see left) is heating up thanks to his Dallas reboot. I know him from his days as a teen popstar, when his cool mom ("Mama Hendu") used to be in regular touch about coverage for her strikingly handsome son. He was a member of Scene 23, a boy/girl group that was formed on a WB (remember them?) series called Popstars that predated American Idol. Another grad of Popstars? Nicole Scherzinger, who was a member of short-lived, short-tempered (trust me!) girl group Eden's Crush.

Hotness from Out to follow...

Img610Josh Henderson, hot as ever





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