You're Fired For Ryan Out Loud 

May 02 2012
You Go, Girl Comments (3)

Richard-Grenell-at-the-UN-2008-via-FlickrI bet Grenell thinks she's not pretty enough

Anyone who believes that Mitt Romney would be a moderate president needs to wake up and smell the heterosexuality. Even in cases where he may be inclined to be somewhat less than a frothy-mouthed rightie, he will never be allowed that wiggle room by the extreme element of those who vote him into office. Case in point, the sudden resignation of his spokesman and advisor Richard Grenell.

Even though Grenell is a conservative (and misogynist pig, or is that redundant?), the simple fact that he is gay was enough for the Christian right to call for his head. And they got it, in the form of Grenell falling on his sword. The Romney campaign has expressed regret for the decision, but they're no doubt relieved to have one less headache.

Gay conservatives: Get it through your thick skulls, the right wing hates everything about you. All they want is your vote, and even that they're pretty confident they don't need. There are anti-gay Democrats and Democrats who are fair-weather friends, but those antiquated attitudes are not written into their party's platform, and are not nearly as widespread as on the other side.



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