The Golden Gays Guydar: Facial Hair Friday 

Jun 28 2012
Desperate Living Comments (4)

Madonn life style img707
Life & Style (July 9, 2012) has a theory, which is that Madonna is desperately seeking her youth. Wow, when she signed up to do that (admittedly amazing) movie going on 30 years ago, I bet she never dreamed "desperately seeking" would be applied to her every move going forward.

Life style img708

I don't think Madonna's desperate for anything. But looking at her appearance, I'm reminded that I think she is aging more like Gloria Swanson than any other celebrated star she's often compared to. Though Swanson, a health nut, would have been desperate to have had Madonna's gymnastic dexterity at age 53.

Gloria_swansonSwanson, radiant somewhere around 60



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