Cutest Of The Cute The Champ 

Jun 29 2012
Gay-Lifestyle Lift Comments (3)

NE Jul9
This piece in National Enquirer (July 9, 2012) surprised me—I guess I've always assumed Debby Boone would be as square as her old man. But since her husband is performing same-sex weddings, I must be wrong. BTW, I was obsessed with "You Light Up My Life" when it was originally out and wound up buying a disco-era album that had that as well as other not-very-disco, soft-rock-style hits on it. I memorized that song entirely and had hand gestures for every part of it, such as "rollin' at sea" accompanied by the international symbol for rolling waters. Oy.

P.S. Bitch is 55 and looks late thirties.



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