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Jun 14 2012
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God loves gaysI get lots of pitches for posts, but this one really speaks to me—a street-art campaign to end DOMA that plays on the shameful WHITES ONLY signs that used to decorate bathrooms and diners and drinking fountains in the South 50 years ago. 

Artist Castroburger's boyfriend was forced to return to the UK, a catalyst for this aggressive campaign (stickers are popping up all over), which he says "has spread over the past months to Mexico, Latin America, [Texas], North Carolina, Arizona, England and Scotland."

Starbucks (Studio City)

If you're interested, check out the campaign's store and/or its Facebook—the awareness benefits us all, but all funds do go toward the artist's boyfriend's Visa fees. Need more incentive? They summarize their DOMA-affected investment in each other as follows:

"5 years, 1 month together

$11,000 on flights

143,000 miles flown

312 hours in the air

$4,000 Visa

930 missed days together"



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