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Jul 31 2012
Spitz Take Comments (0)

American Michael Phelps tonight became the winningest gold medallist in Olympics history, taking his 19th (a gold). With this achievement, he surpasses '50s and '60s Soviet gymnast Larisa Semyonovna Latynina's (pictured below) previous record of 18.


I See Gay People Comments (3)

Haley Joel Osment
Sassy-Pants-09I got to say hi to Haley Joel Osment at the Q&A after his film Sassy Pants screened today at NewFest. I wasn't taken with the cutesy coming-of-age tale, but his performance as the flamboy-toy of the protagonist's gay dad is unforgettable one way or another.

After the jump, short video of Osment talking about how he prepared for the role (no, it didn't involve lube) and how he picks his projects as a young adult actor so many years after his big break in The Sixth Sense...

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Ends Of The World: Love Will Tear Us Apart Comments (2)

Hot butt torn undewear exposed
I couldn't bring myself to tell him. And was amused he was so strait-laced but was sporting Ginch Gonchesque undies.

We Disappear Comments (3)

James Duke Mason Disappear Here

James Duke Mason has started a Kickstarter campaign for what will be his debut film, Disappear Here. He'll star in and produce with direction and writing by Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait of James Dean's Matthew Mishory. It was just launched today and is 9% there already. Check it out...

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I'll Follow You Until You Love Me, Libuh-Liberace Comments (0)

Michael Douglas as Liberace
From here: I will be first in line to see the Liberace biopic, but I can't get past the casting if this is how Michael Douglas looks. Is he playing Liberace or Joe Pesci? I'm glad my brother George isn't here.

The real deal:

Tom Daley: Funcensored Comments (5)

Tom Daley
Tom Daley—censored. More here.

Ends Of The World Comments (1)

An amazing aplus ass

Bed And Breakfast Of Losers Comments (5)

Anti gayCLICK TO ENLARGE: Which side Jesus would be on?

Via Joe.My.God.: When a lesbian mom politely informed the owners of New Jersey bed and breakfast Camp Whitebriar that she would not patronize their business anymore after seeing a sign out front supporting Chick-Fil-A and expressing disapproval of same-sex marriage, the reply she received was beyond the pale.

The mom has created a page asking for an apology but...who cares about an apology? You can't apologize for something you feel at the DNA level, as this woman clearly does. Just shocking that people think this way, and all the more annoying considering how many anti-equality folks claim there is no "hate" behind their adherence to alleged Biblical principles.


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