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Jul 04 2012
Odd Man Out: Frank Ocean Is Not Straight Comments (2)

Odd Future hip-hop star Frank Ocean has come clean about a past relationship with a man in a poetic letter that could be considered a coming out (as a bisexual? he isn't explicit) but that feels much deeper than the usual "Yep, I'm Gay!"

He writes of being in love for the first time with a man a few years back, discovering that it was "malignant" (the man was involved with someone else) and being strong and brave like his mother. His upcoming debut solo CD uses masculine pronouns in love-song context, which spurred gossip that led to his releasing this note earlier than intended.

(It will be very interesting to follow his reception going forward, especially since Odd Future—in particular Tyler the Creator—has been slammed for anti-gay lyrics and comments. Often. Misogyny, too.)

Russell Simmons—as always—is already being eloquently supportive. It does feel new, and Ocean's letter is beautiful if not exactly rah-rah. Good for him.



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