Pornstarry-Eyed Thank You For Being A Super Friend 

Jul 10 2012
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Karen de la Carriere
Via RadarOnline: If you didn't need any more reason to despise Scientology—and you shouldn't—check this out: Karen de le Carriere, ex-wife to Scientology prez Heber Jentzsch, has come forward (after coming out of the pseudo-religion) with her story of being denied the right to see her son's body after he died. Why? In kind of a reversal of what can happen in some gay relationships (where the family has all the rights and the surviving partner has none), Karen's daughter-in-law has all rights over her husband's body so decided to keep him from his mother.

The dead man, 27-year-old Alexander Jentzsch, died last week. He was reportedly battling a high fever and had "Nyquil and several prescription bottles" at the time of his death. More than one outlet has suggested he may have intentionally overdosed.

De la Carriere's story is compelling, and should be all the more comforting to Katie Holmes, who just may have escaped a deal with the devil with all the positives (a career/PR boost, a child, money) and none of the negatives.



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