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Aug 22 2012
Don't Be Stingy, Baby: Property Of Greta Garbo For Sale Comments (3)

Greta Garbo auctionlot105721
Julien's Auctions will be selling property from the estate of Greta Garbo December 14 and 15 in Beverly Hills. It's amazing that there is anything left after all these years (Garbo died at 84 in 1990), but perhaps her surviving nephew is finally letting go of some of what he inherited?

Greta Garbo auction lot105436A 1979 portrait by Charles Busch

Much of it is unexciting (other than some great photographs), but I was intrigued by her two passports—she apparently had them taken in cheap drugstores so no one but she would have copies of the photos.

Greta Garbo auction lot104889Looking ferocious in her late fifties



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