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Aug 20 2012
EXCLUSIVE: Venfield 8 Releasing Limited Edition Posters in NYC & Los Angeles Comments (2)

Venfield 8 VE002 - Ad 2 1c - 1280 (tumblr)This is the poster to be on the look-out for

Mysterious photographer Venfield 8 is putting up full-sized posters of his work Essence Masculine #3 around New York and Los Angeles in the coming weeks, each numbered (limited edition of 50) and signed. I remember seeing an original Invader piece on an obscure bridge here in NYC that I passed for a year, always dying to pry it off. I never did, but someone did, and it's now worth thousands. I won't make that mistake again if I find a Venfield 8.


According to the artist, the Essence Masculine series "blurs the lines of sex in fashion advertising while presenting ultramasculinity that rarely makes it into the norm of the fashion world." The first two ads (Work Unfriendly) can be seen here.

Good luck getting your hands on one of the posters.



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