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Aug 31 2012
Is That A Candelabra In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Stealing My Dildo? Comments (0)
National Enquirer (September 10, 2012) is hot on the trail of a variety of sex toys that have been disappearing from the set of Behind the Candelabra (that Liberace movie with Michael Douglas and Matt Damon). One clue: The set is actually Zsa Zsa Gabor's home. Where was Zsa Zsa's husband at the time?
"Don't blow it unless it's actually happening!" Comments (0)

This Pitch Perfect featurette looks hilarious, even though it could easily just be Glee: The Movie.

Signs Of The Times Comments (0)

Matthew Rettenmund addiction recovery humor
From my last L.A. trip, this Barnes & Noble shot sums it up, in reverse order: Growing Up --> A Series of Unfortunate Events --> Addiction/Recovery.

Guydar Comments (1)


Aug 30 2012
Your Nightly Briefing Comments (2)
Underwear ian parks3
Via Deep Dish: Ian Parks from Where the Bears Are.
MDNA Tour: The Remix Comments (8)
Celebration Madonna Matthew Rettenmund
As an addendum to my MDNA Tour review, just a few more personal notes from the evening...

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You're The Tops Comments (1)
Hugo Boss likes a nattily-dressed top man.
Totally Awesome '80s: Sugar-Coated Preppy Munchies Comments (2)

Izod sugar-coated preppy munchies 1980s
It hasn't aged well (cheap markers!) but 30 years ago, when I was in the seventh grade and intent on teasing to death a preppy brainiac girl who I felt competitive with/had a pre-gay crush on, I used an assignment to create a cereal brand as an Sassonexcuse to heap scorn on all the preppies. You know, the kids who were not too fat to fit into designer jeans like I was. (I eventually found some gigantic Sassons and Jordache when I moved up to the junior high.)

The Izod alligator almost looks disco with that open shirt, but the popped collar says it all, even if the Urban Cowboy vibe was dated by a couple of years.


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