A Tear May Be Ever So Near Madonna To Australia: "Blame Lola!" 

Aug 26 2012
Worlds Apart: Journey Fundraises For Romney/Ryan Comments (3)

Journey Neal Schon Journey's Neal Schon with the person he's lovin', touchin', squeezin'—Michaele Salahi

Journey (aka, the group calling itself Journey in spite of Steve Perry's absence) is said to be making $500,000 for a Mitt Romney fundraiser in Florida. Romney's spox says no money was paid, and Journey says no political statement was intended.

Someone's lying, because there is no reason to do the fundraising gig if not for love or money.

This is as annoying as when Chaka Khan performed for Bush. She at least regrets that. Also hated when Ricky Martin gamely shook his bon-bon with Bush for his inauguration. And let's not forget Sophie B. Hawkins—actually, scratch that, I've forgotten her already.




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