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Aug 14 2012
Madonna Ciccone Gives Good Face: 22 Years Of "Vogue" Comments (9)

Madonna Vogue
TrevvieLand has edited a fabulous retrospective of all the best footage of Madonna performing "Vogue" over the years. It's a real salute to how this song—even with its distinctively 1990 sound—never ages. The same could be argued for Madonna, or not, depending on your definition.

Madonna Vogue Super BowlIs "Vogue" her best song ever? I would say it has to be in her Top 3, along with "Into the Groove" and "Like a Prayer".

Her many reinterpretations look all the more brilliant one after another. All the more spectacular is the fact that some of these totally different takes were concocted within months of each other, while others are decades apart...



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