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Aug 10 2012
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Nylon Matthew McConaugheyJarrett says McConaughey "isn't afraid to try something different"

Matthew McConaughey fronts for Nylon Guys (September 2012). Inside, the magazine refers to this period of his career as his "McConaissance"; the actor rails against the dumb-ass romantic comedies he's known for:

"On those romantic comedies, I'm going, 'How do I keep the balls on the dude?' They've written it so you have to come back emasculated and go, 'I've been no one without you. I was lost for all my life but now I found you—take me back.' And my deal was always, 'What fucking chick wants that guy?' C'mon, man, the guy's gotta come back with dignity.'"

His boredom or even contempt for that kind of role has led him to his more interesting recent choices, including Magic Mike, Killer Joe and The Paperboy (in which he plays a closeted gay reporter).

Matthew McConaughey Marvin Scott Jarrett for Nylon for Guys

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