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Sep 28 2012
Everybody Work "Your Body" Comments (19)

Christina Aguilera Your Body
I'm not sure what's happening to me...I've never felt this way before...but...I kind of love Christina Aguilera's Russ-Meyer-gone-wild "Your Body" song AND video. The song has a great hook and she, of course, sings her huge ass off. But the video, in which she looks like Aubrey O'Day meets Angelyne meets a Fleshlight, is kind of brilliant. I love the suggestion of murder with confetti and paint and other things (hate the fakey explosion, though) in the childish/girly pastel color palette. Bizarre and unique.

What did Lucille Ball's estate charge for the extended cameo at the end? It feels very Myra Breckinridge, which is to say it feels like the star in question would be mortified to be associated with the project.





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