Your Nightly Briefing Guydar 

Sep 20 2012
Waiting For Cyndi Comments (1)

Tonight was a special cocktail hour (from 8PM to 10PM) featuring dance troupe Ballets with a Twist at XL and a special performance by Cyndi Lauper. Not having known about Lauper's two fantastic-sounding events in NYC this week (a book-signing and a Q&A at the 92nd Street Y), I didn't want to miss this one, even if she was only scheduled to perform "True Colors".

Cyndi Lauper True Colors XL
Cyndi Lauper sings copyBitch can sang

Dakota RIversI was supposed to be at a table with Joe Joe.My.God. Jervis and DJ Junior Vasquez (!), but wound up finding my own spot and meeting up with my friend Michael, meeting new pal Steve, a huge Lauper fan who's met her more times than Captain Lou Albano, RIP.

We were near pornstar Dakota Rivers and had some Kinky Boots participants in our eyeline, but I never saw Junior, so if he calls...I'm not here!

We had a great spot but were totaly unprepared when Lauper OPENED the show with her song as little girls did some balletic-with-a-twist moves.

Ballets with a Twist beginning

She then wished us a good evening and took off, but since she was staying in the hotel, we weren't sure if she might return.

Ballets with a TwistThe show was...not for me. I'm actually a fan of pretentious bullshit, but this wasn't really "arty" so much as it was a mix of straight ballet and very loosely choreographed modern dance. Each segment had the name of a drink but nothing went down especially easy for me. Some of the people around us were openly mocking it, which is a shame because the performers were committed and seemed to be having a blast.

Cyndi Lauper group copyGetting mobbed

After what seemed like forever, we were told there was an intermission! Steve took off and my friend Raj and his buddy Steve invaded the table, gobbling up the free goldfish in order to recoup some of the price tag. The second part of the show was shorter but ended grandiosely with a religious-sounding tune and every dancer gesturing purposefully in a big ol' clusterfuck before that scamp Cyndi surprised us all by getting carried out as part of the finale. She thanked us again (the evening benefits her LGBT charity) the stuck around for a few minutes to greet people and snap a few photos. The shot I got of Raj and Steve with the top of Cyndi's hairdo is one for the ages!

Always a pleasure to share air with the first female singer who ever stole my heart. (Madonna came right after, then I backtracked to the '70s and fell for Debbie Harry.)



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