Guydar Portrait Of The Artist As An Old Man 

Sep 22 2012
Girls Will Be Girls Comments (9)

Cyndi LauperPerforming @ XL in NYC, age 59

Cyndi Lauper to Time:

"When 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' came out, I was 30. They were saying, 'How old are you?' and even then I was like, 'Why? You think I’m a car? You need to check under the hood and kick the tires?' I had a mindset to contribute to music and make an effective change that would help women in the world. When I was told 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun” would be an anthem, I thought about how it really could be an anthem. And you know, I burnt my tra'ning bra, kinda-sorta, at the first women’s demonstration in Central Park. I was there."

Cyndi-lauperSo when Cyndi was 30, she was having her first hit. When Britney Spears was 30, she was...joining The X-Factor almost 15 years into her career. There are exceptions on either side, but it's shocking how much younger stars are today, and how much younger they continue to get. I noticed it as a teen-mag editor because when a new act would pop for us (Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez), we'd only have a couple of months with them before we were competing with Us and Vanity Fair.



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