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Sep 19 2012
Gay Hard-On For Obama Comments (5)

Barack Obama gay GLobe rumors Kevin DuJan
Kevin DuJan, who is called "a prominent member of the Windy City's homosexual community" by Globe (October 1, 2012) but who is really just an infamous, sour-grapes Hillary booster who claims he can't get a date because of his politics, tells the gossip rag the same story he's been repeating for ages, that Barack Obama is "100 percent gay." With zero evidence, DuJan simply asserts that Obama used to frequent bathhouses in Chicago. (Never mind that the clubs' owner flatly states that Obama was never there.)

It's amazing how stuff like this is repeated over and over with no new witnesses. If you'd sucked off Obama—and from DuJan's comments, there would be at least 100 men he met since he was "a regular" in this pick-up spots for over a dozen years—wouldn't you come forward? So far, the only man to ever say he had sex with Obama is highly, highly non-credible.

But that doesn't stop the president's deranged attackers from repeating the same old canards.




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