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Sep 30 2012
Like A Dream Within A Dream Comments (5)
Get ready for 23 years of "Like a Prayer" performances...

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All Access Comments (0)
Born This Way
My old pal Laurie Pike is behind Hexagon Accessories, all of which have progressive-minded slogans worked into their designs. See if anything will round out your nearly perfect outfit here.
Your Nightly Briefing Comments (1)
The underwear looks good on him, but I'm not sure he has the C-IN2 (Work Unfriendly) to thank for it.
The Ex Factor Comments (0)
Ex gay

Governor Jerry Brown of California signed over 60 bills into law on Friday, including the first law in the U.S. that outlaws ex-gay therapy for children. A real step forward, and one on which the entire LGBT community should be able to agree.

Feeling Payne Comments (3)

John Payne shower
From here: This Golden Age actor feels some Payne—showering for a magazine is always a great way to ensure good exposure.

John Payne was one of Hollywood's all-time hottest bods:

John Payne boxer
John Payne swimsuit
He's best remembered as a singer in films and for Miracle on 34th Street. He died in 1989.

Guydar: Wifebeating Off Comments (1)

Hot muscles
More after the jump...

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Sep 29 2012
Your Nightly Briefing Comments (0)
This comes from a post described as "Random Guys in Black and White," but there's nothing random about this one.
Beyond Ambition Comments (3)

Madonna Gaultier
From here: Gaultier threw in (more than) a little Madonna at his latest show. Love it!

Gaultier Madonna

He also threw in references to Boy George, Sade, Grace Jones and other '80s stars.

Gaultier Madonna looksIt's made for a woman, but I like it, too!

Have you ever been to a fashion show? Would you want to?


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