Captain Munch: Model Looks Good Enough To Eat In His Undies Jagged Little Phil 

Sep 05 2012
Fashionable Phallus Comments (4)

One of my favorite new artists goes by the name of Venfield 8. He is sneaky—that's not his real name or close to it, his work subversively comments Louis Vuitton art Venfield 8on the world of fashion in unexpected ways—and he's ballsy. Sometimes literally, as in a recent image that employed the phrase "scratch and sniff" in a way that would teste a more conservative art connoisseur's limits.

But I still wasn't prepared for his latest, a faux Louis Vuitton ad that is sure to be mistaken for the real thing as it is inevitably shared all over the 'Net.

Let's just say, you'll be surprised when you see where that iconic pattern has wound up now. And yes, the link is Work Unfriendly.



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