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Sep 16 2012
Rupert Everett Thinks Gay Dads Are Subpar Comments (3)

Rupert EverettThis from a man who can't be trusted to care for his own face!

Plastic disaster Rupert Everett is mouthing off against gay people again. That's exactly what it is when someone says that there's "nothing worse" that a child being raised by two dads. Really? Nothing? Not even being left in an institution with no parents? He thinks children need a father and a mother. Well, he had that, and his own mother wishes he weren't gay—perhaps at the root of his self-loathing—so we can see having both does not always a well-rounded and sensitive human being make. (Does his mom wish he weren't a former prostitute, too? Or is it just the current homo part that bugs her?)


Saying that kids need a mother and a father is bullshit. Plenty of children have only one or the other, or have two moms or two dads, and turn out absolutely fine. Plenty have the so-called ideal of a mom and dad and grow up to be emotionally stunted or otherwise damaged. To single out gay parents is anti-gay. For it to come from a gay person is infuriating. Just like that awful D&G brat, it seems to be a self-defeating opinion that, where it exists, is far more prevalent among well-to-do gays who feel superior to other gay people (he disavows any notion that he is a part of a gay community) and therefore judge them harshly. They're hung up about not fitting in so have a chip on their shoulders against other gay people instead of simply enjoying not fitting in and being their own people.




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