Romney: Change You Can "Believe" In Madonna MDNA Gallery, Yankee Stadium—Part 1 

Oct 29 2012
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Beth Ditto The Advocate
Gossip queen Beth Ditto opens up to The Advocate as she promotes her revealing memoir, Coal to Diamonds, saying that she has suffered from sarcoidosis, the deadly disease that killed Bernie Mac:

Beth Ditto Coal to Diamonds lesbian"I'm so lucky that my disease was so fucking weird and with a really strange version of it because the doctors were superinterested. They would comp things, they would give me a discounted rate because it was so weird that they were intrigued—and thank God for that. I know that sounds totally weird. It was surreal."

Ditto also writes about being molested by an uncle, battling depression and embracing her sexuality and her body size in what sounds like the queer read of the year.



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