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Oct 04 2012
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Taylor Negron bookTaylor swiftly promotes Lance Out Loud

Last night was the book signing for Pat Loud and Christopher Makos's fascinating visual memoir of the late Lance Loud, Lance Out Loud (Glitterati Incorporated, $50). If you've seen the Louds in action on the first-ever reality show (all ensuing reality shows don't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath, in reality) An American Family, you'll know why I was excited to meet Pat, the woman Diane Lane recently played on HBO to great acclaim.

LoudsDelilah & Michele Loud, Makos, Bill & Pat Loud with a gentleman I haven't IDed

Pat Loud bookPat was gracious and seems far younger than her 85 years. As a Polaroid-aholic, I was especially honored when Makos photographed me with Pat (I don't have the shot yet, and it wasn't a Polaroid), but it was also lots of fun to meet Richard Berkowitz (legendary activist and subject of the film Sex Positive).

When I first arrived, I also bumped into actor Taylor Negron, who everyone remembers from just about everything (but especially for popping up in Fast Times at Ridgemont High), but who I will from now on always remember for his touching eulogy for his murdered landlady. I told him how much I liked his piece and he replied, "Yes, it was very well-written, wasn't it?" Actors and false modesty mix like oil and vinegar, but it was charming. He also razzed me mercilessly about being the middle-aged man behind "Boy" Culture. His next project opens this Halloween, a movie called Vamps by his pal Amy (Heckerling!), but he's also working with Barbra (Streisand!) on her upcoming Brooklyn show.

The night was fun and the book is a visual feast, but I must admit that flipping through it was enhanced by having Richard narrating his experiences with Lance, including sharing johns. I'm a fan of oral histories, and anal ones aren't half bad either.

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Taylor NegronFast times with Taylor Negron

Christopher MakosA Polaroid moment with Christopher Makos

Delilah Michele LoudSister act: Delilah and Michele Loud



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