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Oct 16 2012
Sexual Personae Non Grata Comments (11)

Camille Paglia"Notice me."

Nineties relic Camille Paglia is still out there blathering away, peddling her narrow point-of-view when it comes to art and pop culture. A mega Madonna fan until after Madonna refused to see or discuss her, Paglia has for the past 15 years or more trashed her former idol's every move.

Now, she tells Joy Behar that Madonna has lost her instinct for performing (!) because she has too many social issues in her show. Even Behar, not much of a Madonna fan or even very informed on Madonna's latest show, scores points on Paglia by shooting down her flawed Dietrich comparison.

P.S. Paglia doesn't think much of Lady Gaga, in case you were wondering.

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