All Of The Above Sarah Palin Racebaits In 140 Characters Or Less 

Oct 24 2012
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Shirtless model
Widget boy cultureCreator Magazine's latest body beautiful (Work Unfriendly).

Widget boy cultureBon voyage, Bilbo Baggins.

Widget boy cultureEllen DeGeneres gets Twained.

Ellen DeGeneres Twain

Widget boy cultureClint Eastwood, for some reason, is back.

Widget boy cultureKevin Rettinger strips for Mirko Fuhrherr.

Widget boy cultureLana Wachowski speech on her journey to womanhood.

Widget boy cultureGOProud refuses to believe Romney is against gay partners having hospital visitation rights.

Widget boy cultureAllred's surprise: Mitt lied under oath to help his friend screw his wife out of millions.

Widget boy cultureTrump's surprise is no surprise: He'll pay $5 million for Obama's college/passport records.

Widget boy cultureIndiana's Mourdock refuses to apologize for saying rape is "God's intent."

Gloria Allred Maureen StembergAllred hopes to first-wives club Mitt Romney over the head



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