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Oct 21 2012
Madonna Wrote The Book On Sex Comments (8)

Madonna Sex
Twenty years ago today, Madonna released (unleashed?) her Sex book. Instantly infamous, the book sold out everywhere and is a collectible to this day—but it also hurt Madonna's record sales and alienated scores of fans for several years. It represented Madonna at her most defiant, at her brattiest, and not always at her most creative (that story about her "gash" just won't leave my mind).

From my Encyclopedia Madonnica, published two years after Sex, here are...

The 6 Dumbest Things Ever Said About Sex:

"Some of us actually like the opposite sex."—Caryn James, The New York Times

"Laughter is the enemy of lust."—Peter Hamill, New York Daily News

"Pornography doesn't hold up to much serious analysis."—Robert Hofler, New York Newsday

"Of the 20,000 photos shot for the book, and the 475 printed, he knife-at-the-crotch image is the most violent."—Giselle Benatar, Entertainment Weekly

"The taboo against pedophilia is no mere prejudice, and flirting with it, even sending it up, is neither worldly or clever. Unless you are Nabokov."—Vicki Goldberg, The New York Times

"That book's not art. I have to defend her right to do it, but I just thought it was embarrassing, tacky, and unnecessary."—Sir Mix-A-Lot, artiste behind the single "Baby Got Back", the video of which featured the singer walking among a landscape of gigantic buttocks



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