Guydar: My Heart Belongs To Daddy Butler Did It (And Then Some) 

Oct 25 2012
McCain Goes Rogue Comments (0)

John McCain hates Barack Obama, but I still bet he hates Mitt Romney more deep down. Today, he had a chance to vent some of that. Just when the horrendous Mourdock scandal couldn't get any worse for Mitt—Mourdock said productive rape (my new phrase) was "God's intent," Romney chastised him but didn't pull an ad he'd cut for the U.S. Senate candidate from Indiana—McCain went on CNN and withdrew his own endorsement of the guy.

Now, McCain has created the impression that Mitt Romney is to the right of him on abortion.

Swing states are already swinging Obama's way...this kind of shit less than two weeks out won't help swing them back.



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