Young Love Signs Of The Times 

Oct 15 2012
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Paul RyanClean-up on aisle take the fifth

Boy culture WIDGETPaul Ryan's fake photo op angers charity prez.

Boy culture WIDGETIf Jude Law is fat, am I morbidly obese?

Robin Thicke pubesBoy culture WIDGETMorgan Freeman narrates new Obama ad.

Boy culture WIDGETRobin Thicke hangs out, his trunks hang low.

Boy culture WIDGET"I have too many vaginas around me at this point."—Rihanna

Boy culture WIDGETLindsay Lohan voting for Romney because of "jobs." Barbara Walters to fire questions at her.

Boy culture WIDGETTeam Romney says Latino voters crave "macho bravado." Pendejos.

Boy culture WIDGETNew book argues that barebacking is "not simply crazy or irresponsible."

Boy culture WIDGETMitt Romney too scared of the "sharp-tongued" View ladies, but debates himself. Twice:



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