Happy Birthday, Divine! True Colors 

Oct 19 2012
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Matt BomerAin't nothin' but a g-string

Widget boy cultureMatt Bomer bares his butt in unreleased Magic Mike scene.

Widget boy cultureIn Virginia, Obama coins neologism: "Romnesia."

Widget boy cultureLawrence O'Donnell to Tagg Romney: "Take your best shot."

Ann_romney_the_view_a_lWidget boy cultureAnn Romney on if her hubby loses: "He will not run again."

Widget boy cultureGallup's the only national poll with Romney (way!) ahead.

Widget boy cultureRomney bailing on NC—confidence or desperation?

Widget boy cultureWhere at least one Wild Thing is.

Widget boy cultureNews outlets try to revive Madonna & guns controversy.

Widget boy cultureAbercrombie CEO is "douche of the week."

Widget boy cultureTom f*@!*in' Hanks.

Widget boy cultureDennis Quaid soon back on the market.

Widget boy cultureZac Efron goes for edgy, overreaches:




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