If The Spirit Moves You Hot Guys Of Comic Con: Part 6 Of 6 

Oct 19 2012
Presidential...Sweet! Comments (3)

Further to my post about meeting President Obama (FOUR. MORE. YEARS. I mean it!), here are the fruits—the ultimate pic-with and my signed Newsweek. I guess that Newsweek, the only thing I thought to bring last-minute for his autograph, was a great choice. Win or lose, he signed one of the last printed copies of the magazine, one that confidently asserts he will become the "Democrats' Reagan" in his second four years and one whose cover story was written by the manic-depressive Andrew Sullivan.

And regardless of the outcome of the vote in two and a half weeks—and I'm still confident, if hardly cocky, that he will win—I will always know I did what I could to help and that I met and thanked the guy while he was in office and when he needed support the most.




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