Girls For Obama Putting His Love To The Test 

Oct 11 2012
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Well,  for my money, Ryan got raped by Biden on that stage tonight. I hope Ryan doesn't get pregnant from it—he's painted himself into a corner on abortion.

The overarching reason Biden was more persuasive in the debate was not his firmness or his wizened countenance, or his better-reasoned comments in specific spots (he killed on Medicare and in characterizing the foreign policy "loose talk" of Romney/Ryan),  it was that when he spoke, he was simply stating the facts and his passionate opinions. When Ryan spoke, he sounded wonkish and timid and more than once sounded like he was awkwardly parroting memorized attack lines.

Paul Ryan

Eventually, Ryan seemed less persuasive just because his thumping had left him red-faced, terse and rattled, so anything out of his mouth was more suspect.

I Wante I'll Slap a BitchI was reminded of "I'll Slap a Bitch" by I'Wante: "Oh, shit—I'm unprepared!"

Will the average viewer find Biden as persuasive as I did? Will they pity Ryan?

I have to believe snap polls will side with Biden. If not, it's American Idol.

Joe Biden



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