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Nov 09 2012
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Anti-gay-RepublicansWe should really just give those folks a big ol' hug

I got the most infuriatingly stupid pitch last night. The subject:

"For Further Progress on Gay Rights, It's Time to Stop Demonizing Republicans."

Excuse me? It's the other way around, and it's not a figure of speech when they do it. When Republicans talk about gay people, they literally talk about us being against nature, against God.

Furthermore, have you ever heard of gay activists and/or pro-gay politicians refusing to work with pro-gay Republicans? No, because it doesn't happen.

The body of the pitch continued:

"...the country remains deeply divided on gay rights. President Obama only narrowly won reelection after a bitter and divisive campaign. Although the Democrats retain a majority in the Senate, Republicans remain fully in control of the House and actually picked a governorship, giving them a total of 30."

As I just posted, President Obama's victory was not narrow. A 3% win and an electoral landslide are not marginal—they're a mandate. Nice try.

And as for our needing Republicans in elected office in order to achieve more progress, it's not entirely true (we can do plenty without them), nor is it the easiest way to overcome our obstacles—working hard to vote Republicans out of office would be quicker and more effective.

The pitch went on to state that there is widespread support for gay rights among the Republican rank and file. I find that hard to believe considering the rhetoric coming from that side, but more importantly, it's immaterial—we're not talking about whether we can have Republican friends, we're talking about how likely an elected Republican is to openly support gay causes. Due to their base, there is very little precedent for elected Republicans to be unabashedly supportive of gay causes.

How many elected Republicans even did an "It Gets Better" video? They were too afraid of being abandoned by their virulently homophobic party.

It continues to baffle me how those of us who are liberal not only disagree with right-wingers, but see reality in an entirely different way. To them, we're the problem. To them, President Obama barely won re-election. To them, we're the racists, we're the ones who are intolerant. Until they can accept reality, there's no sense in extending an olive branch that they'll only use to club us the very first chance they get.



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