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Nov 30 2012
Happy Trailers To You: A Review Of Chris March's Butt-Cracker Suite Comments (1)


Chris-March-Butt-CrackerJust got back from Chris March's Butt-Cracker Suite: A Trailer Park Ballet at HERE in NYC. It's exactly what the title says, including interludes informed by projections of "Dawn Davenport"/Divine's cha-cha-fueled rage, Linus teaching Charlie Brown about Christmas, the leggy lampshade scene from A Christmas Story and more.

March plays "Clara," a sort of plus-size Honey Boo Boo, and the central figure in the park, where a myriad of fanciful creatures—representing Miracle Whip, Spam and other trailer-trash signatures—dance.

And do they ever dance! The hoofers are flawless under choreographer Ben Franklin (first electricity and now this...that man can do everything!). Considering the fact that the colorful show, filled with March's trademark whimsical costumes, is actually more about dance than anything else, I'm tempted to label it Ben Franklin's Butt-Cracker Suite.

The female dancers are on point, but gay guys will also appreciate cute Michael Dauer and Joshua Dean, the latter of whom has the titular role—and gives us a generous peek at it in the, er, opening.

March himself only really shines during a segment where "Clara" wickedly trades off with a stand-in in order to avoid the heavy legwork, otherwise lacking the manic energy of the rest of the cast.

Not all of the vignettes are inspired and it takes a few of them before anything engaging comes along, but the ones that are (dancing flamingos come to mind) keep things going for just about the show's entire running time (75 minutes or so). Like Christmas, it's not so bad once most of its gifts have been presented.



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