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Nov 26 2012
A Story As Young As Time Itself Comments (4)

Just another reason Wendy Williams's popularity baffles me: In her weekly Life & Style (December 3, 2012) column, she chastises women who are attracted to 18-year-old One Direction frontman Harry Styles, whose hair happens to smell like sex:

"...if you're older than 25, you shouldn't be giving him a second glance. Leave him for the younger girls, ladies!"

So a 26-year-old is too old to be sexually attracted to an 18-year-old, and a 26-year-old is too old to even fantasize about dating a famous 18-year-old? Our bodies don't work that way; it's arbitrary though at least sensible that we have chosen 18 as the cut-off between too young and old enough to have sexual congress with, but adding her own hang-ups about how various age levels shouldn't date guys of that age is even more so.

BTW: Harry's not my type. Yours?



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