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Nov 30 2012
Happy Trailers To You: A Review Of Chris March's Butt-Cracker Suite Comments (1)


Chris-March-Butt-CrackerJust got back from Chris March's Butt-Cracker Suite: A Trailer Park Ballet at HERE in NYC. It's exactly what the title says, including interludes informed by projections of "Dawn Davenport"/Divine's cha-cha-fueled rage, Linus teaching Charlie Brown about Christmas, the leggy lampshade scene from A Christmas Story and more.

March plays "Clara," a sort of plus-size Honey Boo Boo, and the central figure in the park, where a myriad of fanciful creatures—representing Miracle Whip, Spam and other trailer-trash signatures—dance.

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Your Nightly Briefing Comments (0)
Seeing red?
Need To Know Comments (0)

Mormon-Kama-SutraWhen every position is the missionary position

Widget boy cultureThe Kama Sutra re-enacted by Mormon missionaries.

Widget boy cultureObama/Romney lunch meeting was hand-shaky. Pool-shirtless

Widget boy cultureHere are the polls that made Romney believe he'd win.

Widget boy culture"Greg" by Lionel Andre is hot and wet.

Widget boy cultureBrowns player Tank Carder goes unpunished for "fag" rant.

Widget boy cultureBritish man fighting 50-year-old criminal record for being gay.

Widget boy cultureKatie Holmes hits Broadway again.

Widget boy culture$pend the day with Lady Gaga.

Widget boy culturePerfect 10: Hot, free Madonna remixes.

Widget boy cultureTwilight's 18-year-old gym buff strips in a parking lot.

Widget boy cultureNJ Dems want Hillary in '16, prefer Christie as guv to two of their own kind.

Widget boy culture"The Middle Class Cats of Instagram." Purrrfect.

Cat-instagram-kitty-enhanced-buzz-3533-1353990844-0These pussies are a riot

I Like You, I Like You A Lot, I Like You... Comments (1)
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This Kiki Is...So-So Comments (5)
I generally like Sarah Jessica Parker, but I'm not sure she really pulls off the homo Auntie Mame vibe she needed for Glee's "Let's Have a Kiki"...

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Even Deeper And Deeper Comments (0)
If you like Madonna, you'll love this remembrance of the making of her "Deeper and Deeper" video, complete with the rest of this amazing, russet-haired candid.
Art Break Comments (1)


A fabulous work of outdoor art in SoHo that I'd have loved to pack up (somehow) and take home (somehow) and display in my living room (somehow).

Heady Thoughts Comments (2)

The third in a series of articles from The Underwear Expert...

Chord Overstreet has been bringing all the boys to the yard with his milkshake since his very first episode on Glee, the show that's the best thing to happen to people who like to watch adults act like teenagers since, like ever.

We saw him plunge into skin-tight, package-enhancing booty shorts for the Rocky Horror episode.

He dropped trou on Ellen’s talk show to reveal orange underwear that said "Ellen’s Got My Tight End Covered." (Because she so does.)

He got us wet when he showered for the camera.

Okay—you get the point.

Now, though, in the December 22, 2012, episode of Glee, the twentysomething Nashville native has offered his creamiest milkshake ever. Mocking Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, Overstreet runs around the McKinley High locker room with a jockstrap on his head. We won’t put thoughts in your head, but damn. Rarely has a jockstrap looked this fashionable tasty.

For more Chord Overstreet underwear photos and more celebrity underwear sightings, head to The Underwear Expert.


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