Here Comes The Fuzz Your Nightly Briefing 

Nov 24 2012
Madonna Loves A Good Brazilian Comments (9)

What a warm and relaxed Madonna who gave this bathroom (!) interview to Brazilian journalist Huck, even allowing Rocco to horn in on the situation. This was after she had stormed through a second Miami show and done vocal cool-downs, so it had to be around 2 or 3 in the morning.

In a nutshell, she still uses a tape recorder, likes her kids to work hard but be clean, has raised over $75K for Sandy relief, had geat fun with PSY, might have a surprise in store for Brazil (a country whose music she loves), has shout-outs for her Triangle Bitches/friends, doesn't recommend dancing in high heels, treats her face to eucalyptus and her knees to ice post-show, wants Brazil's president to see MDNA, has not had a single alcoholic drink since her tour began and fetishizes sleep, massages and family meals.

Choice quote is that she is most proud of:

" a lot of people the strength and confidence to believe in themselves, especially marginalized groups, whether it's the gay community or women to feel that they have the freedom, the power, the voice—to give them a voice to speak their mind, to express themselves and say, 'Yeah. Fuck, yeah! I deserve this. And I'm going to go for this.' And I wanna do more."

One of her best, most effortlessly gracious interviews.




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