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Nov 14 2012
Lick A Virgin: Gangnam Style! Comments (6)

IMovieScreenSnapz001 copyShe once blew a water bottle, now she's fellating a mic

Tonight's MDNA stop at MSG was a scorcher, with Madonna hocking a loogie that landed right near a shocked blonde fan (she lovingly iPhone-photographed it), hilariously suggesting that a girl leave her Romney-supporting/stick-in-the-mud boyfriend and gifting the crowd with "Give It 2 Me" and "Music" done as duets with "Gangnam Style" YouTube sensation PSY (aka Park Jae Sung).

For me, it is probably my last MDNA show, so I chose to be at the back of the pit, thus very close to her "Like a Virgin"/"Love Spent" performance. When I saw this in Philly, I can't believe I found it dull. To be fair to myself, it has transformed over time, but truly—it's not just the best part of MDNA, it's as if the entire rest of the show exists in order for this performance to exist.

IMovieScreenSnapz002 copyFlashing her coin slot while seeking dollar bills

The best part—aside from basically doing a portrait sitting with Madonna's cervix...I mean, I honestly think I paid more attention to Madonna's vagina than Guy Ritchie did throughout their marriage—was getting fab footage of Madonna using her tongue to push the mic along the stage between words of the song. That's just insane showmanship.

When asking us for dollar bills as she stripped for Sandy relief, Madonna was at her comically nasty best, chastising us for being cheap and then taking a $100 bill from a guy's hand only to then turn away a mere $20.

The show was magic. I'll do my best to put up galleries of the remaining five (!) shows that I've never posted yet.



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