Fave Rave The Long And Short Of It 

Nov 20 2012
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Obama-Clinton-barefoot-MyanmarMyanmar my gal

Widget boy culturePresident Obama and Secretary of State Clinton go barefootin'. Jaime_Parada_Hoyl_insert_courtesy_Jaime_Parada_Hoyl

Widget boy cultureChile elects first (HOT) out politican.

Widget boy cultureRachel Maddow: Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) is "incompetent."

Widget boy cultureLongest English word is not antidisestablishmentarianism.

Widget boy cultureSyracuse, New York, adapts gender non-discrimination.

Widget boy cultureBlacks support marriage equality more and more.

Widget boy cultureTexas may not swing for a while. If ever.

Widget boy cultureGay families in Florida tell their stories.

Widget boy cultureCan you say "Detox Icunt" on TV?

Detox-Icunt-RuPaul-dragYou will Ru the day... 




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