Most Lesbian Story EVER It's For A Good La Cause 

Nov 08 2012
Guillotine-age Rebellion Comments (3)

Peter Harry BrantGuillotine-agers

Painfully annoying Brant Brother Peter Jr. jokes about killing the prez on Twitter, the friend he was tweeting with defends their actions ("People seriously need to take a joke") and then Peter finally apologizes under duress.


Stephanie+Seymour+Peter+Brant+Jr+Stephanie+hoq8N2SlCEDlHis daddy is publishing mogul Peter Brant (maybe one of those bazillionaires who wasted an obscene amount of money in trying to unseat the president in favor of people who think rape is all in the semantics?) and his mommy is supermodel Stephanie Seymour.

For good measure, Peter also joked about women's rights, which is odd since he's such a girl himself. Recall that he is also the one who was spotted all but making out with his mom.

Peter-Brant-Stephanie-SeymourBrant & Seymour really raised their kids right-wing



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